Утро этой многодетной мамы и фитнес-звезды начинается в 4:30!

Австралийская звезда инстаграма Софи Гуидолин обожает спать долго, но приходится просыпаться ещё до восхода солнца. Ведь иначе ей просто никак не успеть сделать все дела, да и уделить внимание всем своим четверым деткам тоже не мешало бы. У неё две пары близнецов: двое мальчиков и двое девочек.

Софи быстро завтракает и отправляется в спортзал. Уже к семи утра она возвращается домой для того, чтобы покормить дочек. Без помощи со стороны не обходится: трижды в неделю за детьми помогает ухаживать няня.

Фото из спортзала.

Иногда мама берёт детей с собой в спорзал. Отправляемся в спортзал вслед за Софи.

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A lot of people have been asking me to post more of the 'different' training I am now incorporating- (although these are still in @thebod_ program I follow) I have mentioned previously I have lordosis & scoliosis- deadlifts have never been my friend! 😩😂 so I usually skip them or go realllllly light 🙊🙈 Nath has been really pushing me to incorporate them back into my training again as my goals are to work on my booty & back! So deadlifts are pretty epic for these goals! 💪🏼 I am doing 'sumo' stance and haven't had any back pain ☺️🤘🏻 Although my butt is on fire and then when I do 'touch & go' and my husband busts me and makes me repeat every set again causing me to do 12 sets 🙄👊🏻 grrrr 😂 (then I try and sweet talk my way out of it and it doesn't work 😱) I know a lot of people are also asking me for a 'day on the plate' type video- so I will get around to it ASAP (I follow the maintenance bod for those on the plans) when my day isn't too hectic as I am often eating on the run, working or with a baby in my arms 🙈😂 besides these, what are you guys keen to see? 🤔 Also, I know someone will ask- shoes are metcons, leggings are bombshell, crop is cleo Harper- hair style is hardcore 🙄😛😂

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As per requests to film more of my 'upper body' workouts here is todays 'upper body' session from @thebod_ gym based program (all programs come with an at home and an at gym program to follow) 💪🏼 I had to self film as I trained super early, so the quality is poor- sorry! 😩 For those asking, no I am not doing any of the functional sessions/or any cardio- as my goal is to gain muscle and not lose any more bodyfat👌🏼 my nutrition is still the same- I haven't required any changes as my body has been progressing without any updates 🎉🤘🏻 Every Friday night we have our 'Friday night at the bar' 4-8pm at @holdyourown_gym it is open to everyone, please feel free to come and join in the fun! 🤘🏻🎉 #teamholdyourown #sophieguidolin #thebod #yesthatsascrunchie #earlysessions #didntcolourcoordinate #lornajane

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Софи замужем за Нэйтаном. Вместе они владеют спортзалом в городе Голд-Кост.

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